Ormaksan is one of the plastic injection , metal injection , sheet and lamination, plastering , deep drawing die molds manufacturer in our country Turkey founded in 1994 İzmir located Kemalpasa Organize Sanayi Bölgesi at a total area exceeding 2500m². Or company managing by Mr. Orcun Umutdar who has taken the management over by his family elder and the founder of the company Mr. Osman Umutdar.

We offer special innovative mold designs and solutions for automotive, railway, heating& cooling, packing ,furniture industry, logistics & transportation , agricultural sector, kitchen appliances market, industrial kitchen sector , marine industry etc.

With our R&D department, we keep on producing technological molds with high precision and passion. We keep continue our export facility to Holland, Bulgaria, England, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan especially container sets, roll sets, hinges, lifting plates, shafts etc.

Our aim is to extend our export network in order to contribute the industries we serve and of course be beneficial providing employement to our country.


We as Ormaksan Kalıp Makine our vision is to make a beneficial production for future and new generation in order to maintain at global market of ever growing and revolving World.


We as Ormaksan Kalıp Makine take to contribute our country’s employement and production facility, produce and form new products for various sectors and industries as beneficial and innovative as a mission.


As we Ormaksan Kalıp Makine aim to form a qualified production consciousness with environmental sensitivity with using new technology upon our traditional knowledge.